“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” – Michael Jordan

Our team is what makes us special. Each position requires a player that will bring excellence and integrity to their daily work. In the game of HVAC you earn success through determined, consistent practice and that is what we do here at Emerald Aire. 


1. What Matters Most to Emerald Aire?

At EAI we value the team and the player. Our people are what set us apart from the crowd. We want members of the team to bring a sense of leadership, excellence, integrity, and ingenuity to their jobs.

2. What is EAI’s Work Environment Like?

Engaging, Fun, Innovative, Collaborative and Team-Oriented are all words our players would use to describe our culture. Our players get to experience a variety of projects and all aspects of the construction process, creating a versatile and powerful team. We’re proud to say this culture attracts and retains the most talented professionals in the industry

3. How Can I Build A Career At Emerald Aire?

We value hard work and dedication. You can easily rise through the ranks by putting in the practice. At Emerald we will train, mentor, and support you throughout your career. We want to help create the strongest player possible because that is what will take our team to the next level!

4. What Does Emerald Aire Do To Give Back?

A great team works together for the betterment of each other and our local community. Aire Cares is our opportunity to do just that. Our team is honored to invest in the community as they have invested in us. Each year we pick a different theme and perform service projects focused on that initiative

5. Who Will I Find At EAI?

Just like with any good team you need all the different positions to make it work! Our diverse roster of players makes us stronger by leaning on the individuals’ strengths creating our winning scorecard. We like to celebrate our wins and losses because there is always something to learn! Our camaraderie is evident through our happy hours, contests, fishing trips and team events.


Apply Today

Emerald Aire is growing.  We’re always keeping our eye out for highly motivated and talented individuals to join our team.

If that sounds like you, send us your resume for future openings, or call with your questions. We’d love to hear from you!  You can get in touch with our Human Resources team via email or phone 253.872.5665




“I was first introduced to Emerald Aire through a mutual friend.
Everything they said about the company made me feel like this would be a great fit for me and the application/interview process was pretty easy.
I love the environment and the friendships I have made while working for this company both in the office and in the field.”

Misty Beck
Assistant Project Manager at Emerald Aire