Design & Build


At Emerald Aire we bring Excellence and Integrity into everything that we do. Our Engineering team utilizes state of the art technology to create plans that focus on enhancing the beauty and functionality of the project. Our Project Managers and Field Team complete the play using the expert set up the rest of the group provides. The use of knowledge, skill, pride, and ingenuity create a quality product that our fans adore.


EAI’s project approach is that of teamwork and building a team atmosphere in pre-construction and on the job site.  We’ve found working together makes better financial sense and allows for faster installations and less rework.  For each project EAI also brings great experience with the VRF system designs and best installation practices.  As a company we’ve installed more VRF systems than any other contractor in the great Puget Sound region, with over 100 installations to date.  Understanding that system design and infrastructure can be configured to allow for streamlined installation and faster commissioning. 

Budget Focus

Maintaining budgets have been of utmost importance at Emerald Aire.  We look for teamwork and creative problem-solving solutions to maintain budgets.  Clearly understanding the Client’s goals early on allows for the best use of the mechanical budget moving system investments to align with performance.  Our list project experience clearly shows maintaining if not reducing construction budgets.

Transition Meeting

A huge part in maintaining budgets is a clear hand off between pre-construction and construction.  We accomplish this in what we call a “DREAM” meeting where the Pre-con and construction teams of Emerald Aire and the General Contractor hand the project over together.  Discussing challenges solved, open challenges, remaining objective, and planned execution for promises made.  This allows for clarity in execution and streamlined decision making.

Systems Commissioning

Our approach to commissioning systems is to keep it simple.  We first need to understand the owner’s requirements and develop testing procedures to make sure the requirements are met.  Part of this process also includes a detailed matrix on sub-responsibility to ensure all parties are completing work in a timely manner.  Starting commissioning meetings early in the design process is necessary to make sure nothing is missed and allows for a quick closeout of the project.  VRF Systems require a different level of coordination amongst the HVAC and electrical contractor.  We’re experienced in getting ahead of the issues so that commissioning is a smooth process that ends on time.