Westside School

Location: Seattle, WA


Preserving the history of the community was important to the Westside School. The Hillcrest Presbyterian Church provided the perfect footprint for the 55,000 sq ft school. Changing what was a drafty old church into a modern, exciting and energy efficient place for learning was the goal. Architects wanted to have an HVAC system that would enhance the existing structure and not upstage its unique features. A variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system was designed to allow for each occupant zone to maintain optimal comfort, something typical schools lack in the Seattle area.

This carefully selected and installed program allows the individual teacher to decide what is best for their classroom. For example if a teacher wants to use a window they can do without it impacting the rest of the building. Our team works closely with Westside School to ensure that they are able to maintain the high standards that this complex program offers.




55,000 sf



“Emerald Aire saved our project from the brink of disaster. I can’t thank the team enough!”

Bertram Jensen
Author at Panoply Store